Zoom and Online Meetings


How to Set Up Zoom

What is Zoom and How to Install

Zoom is a video-conferencing website that allows Greensboro First UMC to meet as we practice social distancing. If you are new to Zoom, don't worry, we are too! Our staff meetings have become quite entertaining as we are learning to adapt!

We are thankful for this tool and the ability to stay connected as a church family. To begin, the first step is downloading the mobile or desktop application. If you are on a mobile device, search for the app in your app store. For desktop users, you can find the download link here: https://zoom.us/support/download

We recommend installing the zoom application on all your devices to be able to connect -- whether it be mobile, tablet or desktop/laptop. You will be asked to create a singular login that you will use on all of your devices. We recommend members of our congregation register as Basic Users.

How to Sign Up and Install
How to Join a Meeting

Types of Zoom Users

Free / Basic Users

Basic Users can attend any meeting they have access to (via a Zoom link) regardless of meeting size or time.

If a basic user wants to host a meeting, they are limited to 40 minutes in length and host up to 100 members. 

Licensed / Paid Users

Licensed (Paid) Users can also attend any meeting they are given access to (via a Zoom link) regardless of meeting size or time. 

If a Licensed User would like to host a meeting, they can meet with up to 300 people for any length of time. 

GFUMC Small Group Leaders

If you are a Greensboro First United Methodist Church Small Group Leader and need assistance as you set up a class or study, please contact a GFUMC staff member for assistance. If you are a basic user and would like to set up a meeting under the church's licensed account to take advantage of no time restraints and the larger group size, we will need to add you to our network.  


GFUMC Small Group Leaders will need to email socialmedia@fumcgreensboro.org with their requested meeting date, time, and group information. Meetings will then be scheduled via Google calendar with an invitation sent to add the event to your personal calendar. You will also receive a confirmation email with the Zoom Meeting link and instructions to forward the email to the appropriate parties. All requests should be submitted via email.  We request that all Zoom inquiries for new meetings be submitted with a 72 hour notice.

Please direct all other inquiries to our Social Media team, who maintains the church's account.  socialmedia@fumcgreensboro.org 

Meeting Audio and Video Tips

Getting Started

Be sure to confirm your device has a camera, speaker and microphone. If your device does not have a camera, speaker and microphone, you may join in the meeting by using your phone to participate in the Zoom video conference. 

Zoom meetings are created with unique url web addresses, which are what allow you to join the meeting. Your small group leader will set up the Zoom meeting and share the link to the meeting participants. 

Depending on how the Zoom meeting is set up by the host, attendees may join before the host arrives to the meeting. If this is not the case, please go ahead and click the meeting link and you will receive a message that the host has not yet joined the meeting. 

Audio Tips

Audio controls can be found at the bottom of the screen (shown as a microphone icon).

If someone else is speaking, it is best practice to "mute" yourself, which cuts down significantly on background noise. 

Use headphones with a microphone, if available. This will also cut down on background noise. 

Please close any applications with sound notifications. If you are not muted, the meeting participants will also hear you receive text messages or any other notifications.

If two or more people are in the same physical room, please use only one device to connect and attend the meeting. Multiple devices joined to a meeting will create an echo that all meeting participants will hear.

Video Tips

Use your video! It is always enjoyable for participants to fully engage in the meeting. However, if you are not comfortable with that yet, you may turn off your video using the camera icon at the bottom of the screen.

If you do choose not to use the video feature, please consider uploading a photo of yourself in the account settings. This will allow participants to be able to see your image instead of a black screen. 

Before joining a meeting, you may also have fun exploring virtual backgrounds. Select the up arrow beside the camera icon and "Choose Virtual Background." You may even get to experience to sand between your toes and the ocean breeze in your hair. (This feature is best paired with placing a small household fan just outside of the camera view and preparing a foot bath ahead of the meeting!)

Happy Zooming!

Joining a Meeting + Configuring the Audio & Video